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Standards Series: You Must Believe In Spring (2019)

For some reason I have come up with titles of jazz - standards for my works for years now. Maybe because there is a certain abstract feel to those songs - music is abstract right - and jazz particularly?! I have listened to jazz a lot since the early 2000 - but my awareness to standards has grown from the last 10 years time listening almost every morning to Radio 1 in Finland. I have never heard of Bill Evans -song 'You Must Believe In Spring' from the radio, but I have listened to it since 2001 when I started 'serious' art studies. Now while I'm writing this, I learned that the song is actually from a musical (The Young Girls of Rochefort) and the music is composed by Michel LeGrand, a great personal favorite of mine too! 'The Windmills Of Your Mind' is for me one of the greatest songs ever written (Dusty Springfield - version is total killer). Standards are amazing, they are timeless shit. These paintings are actually made out of leftover paints from oth…

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